'Documentation is a love letter that you write to your future self.' - Damian Conway


Makefile NotesNotes about creating a Makefile.
Call Windows APIs in C/C++ using MinGWNotes on installing gcc on Windows and calling Windows APIs in C/C++.
ChatGPT StoriesGood stories/sequels by ChatGPT.
Converting Pygments Styles to ChromaInstructions for converting a Pygments style to Chroma.
Hugo Server doesn't See File Notification Events in WSL2If you modify files in the Windows subsystem, Hugo won't see the modification event in WSL2.
Migration from Octopress to HugoRandom scripts used to convert my Octopress blog to Hugo, blog posts.
Printable ASCII-HexReading ASCII-Hex, the lazy way!
Random LinksThis is my random list of (mostly security) links.
Volatility on Windows NotesUsing Volatility on Windows.
Windows SearchPathNotes about Windows SearchPath.